A revolution in organic waste management

EKOBOT is a range of fully automated organic waste management systems capable of converting all types of organic food and garden waste into fertilizer without the need for staff.

24-hour automatic waste recycling

The most advanced solution to manage waste in an economical and efficient way:

  • Convert food and garden waste into fertilizer in 24 hours
  • Built-in shredder. Separate shredding is not required
  • Dual feed inlets through shredder and direct feed inlets
  • No need for a full-time employee
  • PLC based touch screen interface
  • Automatic power saving mode after process completion
  • Only 1-2 man-hours per day required
  • Online monitoring system
  • Compact and mobile

What can be process?

Food scraps

Fast Food

Meat, fish and poultry

Leaves and garden waste

Fruit and vegetable peelings

Animal manure

Bakery products

Egg shells

What must not process?



Metals and other hard materials


Medical products and chemicals

Large bones

Coconut shells and twigs


EKOBOT is a Feed-and-forget
system designed with ease of use in mind.